Our History

We are a no-kill, no-suffer, 501c3 non-profit shelter and adoption center for felines and canines. Formally established in 1997, many years before that operated as a grass roots effort by a small group of dedicated, compassionate people recognizing the plight and need of homeless pets, welcoming them into homes, garages and basements.

The first shelter was purchased via a tax sale from the Town of Norway and was used primarily to be a feline shelter because the local animal control officer operated a shelter for the stray dogs. A second building on the same property was eventually cleaned and organized to be the second hand store benefitting “RPC”, called “Pawsibilities & Fabulous Finds”!

When the shelter operated by the animal control officer could no longer meet the standards of licensing, “RPC” felt the obligation to take on that responsibility or many dogs would be unnecessarily euthanized taken to neighboring shelters that could not accommodate them due to lack of space. In January 2013, a major fundraising campaign was begun to raise $325,000 to purchase and retrofit an existing commercial building in nearby South Paris. A very generous and supportive community allowed us to raise the money and the purchase was made in February of 2014.

The doors to our new shelter were opened in May, 2014 with much more space for the public to come and enjoy visits and volunteer, as well as more space for the animals and the enrichment they need and deserve.

We are truly grateful for our generous and compassionate supporters with the “heart” to make the shelter possible to continue compassionate service to animals that need it so much. Thus, the “heart” that is part of our logo!