Barn Buddies Feral Cat Program

From time to time we receive cats or kittens that are too wild to adopt into homes as household pets. Since, “RPC” is a no kill facility, it means that any feral feline coming into our shelter will stay with us until it is adopted or until it reaches its’ end of life.

We do recognize that living in a cage for many years is not ideal for any animal, and even though we do have enrichment programs for our animals, it is best for feral felines to be placed in barns, large garages or enclosed areas. Any place where a cat can live safely with shelter, have shelter from the cold and be fed by a responsible person will be ideal.

If you own a place where cats can safely live a free life, and you may be interested in providing a home for two or more feral cats, please contact us for more information. It is a very nice thing to do for a feral cat or cats, because they do suffer more than socialized cats in a shelter setting.

In some cases, feral cats reduce mouse populations. Also, be aware that they may also catch birds from time to time.

Our commitment

  • All feral cats placed in feral settings have tested negative for feline Leukemia and feline aids
  • All feral cats are vaccinated for rabies and distemper
  • All feral cats are spayed/neutered
  • We assist or guide you to implement set-up for the three week adjustment period

Your commitment

  • Two or more feral cats must be adopted
  • Cats must be contained in an appropriate shelter for at least a three week adjustment period
  • After the adjustment period, the cats can be released, but appropriate shelter must be provided for them at the same location always
  • Cats must be fed and given water daily always
  • Fee to adopt feral cats is a suggested donation of $50
  • Adopters of feral cats assume ownership and responsibility for them and sign agreement that they will follow through on the care of the cats
  • Adopters of feral cats will contact us if they have any concerns or questions