Canine Adoption Fees

Stray or surrendered Dogs

$450 for puppies up to one and a half years old
$400 for dogs one and a half years to five and a half years old
$350 for dogs five and a half years to eight years old

$250 for dogs nine years and older

Seniors and special needs are priced individually
Special breeds and purebreds are priced individually

Happy Traveler – Out of state rescue dogs

$500 for all out of state rescues
Happy Traveler seniors, special needs, special breeds and purebreds priced individually

Gold Adoptions – Purebred Dogs

Special breeds and purebreds priced individually

Adoption fees are subject to change. Please call the shelter for an accurate price.

All of our adoptable dogs have been:

  • spayed/neutered
  • Heart worm and tick-borne disease tested
  • vaccinated for rabies (if over 12 weeks old) and distemper
  • treated for internal/external parasites

How to Adopt

To be qualified to adopt a puppy or dog from RPC you must agree to provide training and keep the animal under control at all times. Dogs should not be allowed to roam freely.

You must not have ever surrendered a dog to a shelter

An approved application is required before a dog is released. The application includes the following:

  • Personal information: name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Landlord’s permission, if you rent your home. Large breed dogs will only be given to home owners with large outdoor spaces.
  • Information about pets in your home. All dogs and cats must be current with their rabies and distemper vaccinations
  • Name and phone number of the veterinarian that treats your pets
  • Two non-family references with daytime phones numbers

The information on the application will be verified before it is ratified. The approval process can take up to a week if references or the veterinarian cannot be reached immediately. Notification is made by phone and an appointment will be scheduled.

Applications are now available online! Click the application button below to be considered for approval.

Responsible Pet Care reserves the right to deny any applicant that does not meet the adoption requirements, or is perceived to be a threat to the health and well being of our animals.